Jewel Orchid 4 pack
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Jewel Orchid 4 pack

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This a is great starter jewel orchid pack and includes:

2 x Macodes sanderiana
2 x Ludisia discolor

- Low light ( they can tend to lean towards light a low brightness grow light will have them growing straight)
- They jewels dont like to dry out so keep them slightly damp or they have a tendency to keel over
- Use only liquid fertiliser once a month in the growing season
- They grow well in sphagnum especially when small and developing roots, once they mature a well draining terrestrial potting mix will work well.

Please note
These are terrestrial orchid and as such some may differ to the picture provided and include plants growing along the pot not straight up. These plants are shipped in sphagnum or terrestrial mix in a 30mm pot, if you have a preference please add it in the notes section.