TIME SLOT 1: 26/2/22 10.00AM-10.30AM
Vivid Jungle

TIME SLOT 1: 26/2/22 10.00AM-10.30AM

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TIME SLOT 1: 26/2/22 10.00AM-10.30AM


Depending on what time slot you choose you have the whole 30 minutes of that time slot so no need to rush just rock up within the hour. You are aloud to bring some one however they will not be aloud to buy a Thai or any rare plants.

Please note maximum 1 time slot per Person per day !

This guarantees you a chance to buy one of our Thai Constellations and access to all our plants on the day.  The earlier the time slot the better chance you have of rarer plants and more selection.

Rare plants are first in best dressed and are not guaranteed no matter what time slot you have (except for Thai's)

For further clarification please contact us via FB, IG or email.