About us

Vivid Jungle is a small family owned and run nursery in Wattle Grove Western Australia.

We specialise in sourcing,importing and growing our own plants from start to finish in our own custom blended potting mix specific to each plant.

Our story !

I started off working for family in a foliage nursery called Allfronds some 20+ years ago.

We progressed into growing and selling outdoor and landscaping plants.Palms, Ferns, Cycads, Clivias and lots of other things but my main goal was perfecting growing Platycerium Superbum ( Staghorn Fern) from spore of which we concentrated on for a number of years.

We now focus on indoor and patio plants which include but are not limited to Monstera, Philodendron, Epipremunm, Homalomena and Jewel orchids.The plant below is my personal Thai Constellation which I grew from a baby 2cm plant a few years ago!

Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to adding more to our story as we go along !