Plant care

Variegated Monstera's ( Thai and Others)


This is always a the hardest question to answer and is never the same answer for any household. This only relates to plants in our potting mix ( Super chunky not peat based) Monstera like to dry out between watering this mean let the top 2cm of the potting mix dry out totally before you water. This could be every week in summer or every month in winter.

Monstera are very similar to most indoor plants in that they need good light to thrive but this is best described as "Bright indirect light" This is typically what you would receive under a patio or in a shade house. When they are too close to a hot window you will find the white burns first!

Jewel orchid care
The biggest thing about jewels is the watering regime (Anoectochilus formosanus are especially prone to keeling over) So the best way to keep the jewels is slightly damp to put that into perspective is to hand wring out sphagnum and that's how wet they should be and dont let to dry out completely.
Jewels require lower light than most plants but will lean to any light source, a small grow light will have them standing up nice and straight.
Do not use pellet fertiliser as it will burn the plant, a half strength liquid fertiliser once a month will be fine.
When Jewels are young they do very well in sphagnum with their soft roots but a fast draining finer terrestrial mix is also fine and good once they mature ( details of this mix to come)
These jewels are acclimatized to a medium humidity which means in most houses they wont require extra humidity like a terrarium however if you have heating or a dry house say under 40% they might need extra.