GT Foliar
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GT Foliar

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GT Foliar is a unique power packed, ready to use foliar solution formulated to maximize your plants growth potential by capitalizing on the numerous undisputed benefits associated with foliar feeding.

GT Foliar contains:
- A complete and balanced full mineral profile including chelated trace elements;
- 20 different types of Amino Acids – the fundamental building blocks for protein synthesis
and cell formation
- 3 types of Kelp – containing naturally occurring auxins, cytokynins and gibberillins
- Fulvic Acid – the ultimate bio stimulant
- Silicon – for increased cell strength and vigour
- Wetting agent – to ensure effective absorption of solution into plant tissue.

By incorporating GT Foliar into your feeding programme you can expect the following potential
-  Rapid nutrient absorption
- Correction of stress related deficiencies
- Increased nutrition during critical periods of growth
- Faster growth
- Increased fruit set and yield
- Improved quality of harvest
- Maximum plant health
- Increased pest and disease resistance